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No where is the beauty of nature more magnificent than on the shores of a
The water in a quality lake becomes the perfect setting for picturesque days and nights. The diversity of lakes throughout the Northeast Lakeland makes it easy to find property that can accommodate an owner's dreams. ElaineCross.com makes it easy for you to locate your dream property in Cold Lake , Ethel Lake, Marie Lake, Crane Lake, Moose Lake & Muriel Lake!
Lakes are a special community that is built upon a mutual love for the shore. Its continued existence depends on homeowners who are dedicated to its preservation and, ultimately, to each other.
What to Consider Before Buying Lake Property
Before you purchase lake property, consider how you wish to use your lake home. Do you want a large body of water? A small, intimate one? A medium size lake with high summer traffic or a private lake where deer still sip from the shoreline? What size home do you intend to build or buy for your family? Are there grandchildren or great-grandchildren that will need room for a nursery or are your kids comfortable in a bunkhouse over the garage? Do you want a large patch of yard to care for or is a smaller lot in an association that offers grounds maintenance a better choice? Do you need a swimming beach or are lake views more valuable to you? Will you retire at the home year-round or just spend a few weeks there? Do you want it to be rented out while you are not using it?
As you survey lake lots and lake homes, keep in mind that there are zoning ordinances that can include specified restrictions on setbacks, placement of wells and septic accommodation.  Your choice of lake property should reflect your individual goals and dream for life at the lake. If you plan with the future in mind, you'll create a legacy your family will enjoy for years to come.

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